Karl Skala brings a blend of neighborhood values, community solutions, experienced leadership, and a demonstrated dedication to Columbia's City Council.

“As a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, MU graduate, husband, father of three and as your neighbor, I have lived and raised our family in the Third Ward for 35 years. Like you, I have a stake in Columbia. Let’s work together to keep this city a great place to live, learn, work and play.“

Karl will continue to work for:

  • PUBLIC SAFETY - By adding more officers to increase community policing and more firefighters to staff all of our fire stations
  • BETTER ROADS AND CITY SERVICES - By advocating for a fair share of city funding for roads, sidewalks, parks, transportation and services for the Third Ward
  • GOOD JOBS - By expanding technical training, business retention/expansion, and homegrown start-ups; by carefully weighing economic incentives case-by-case
  • A FIGHTING CHANCE FOR SUCCESS - By providing opportunities for all Columbians to gain employment, achieve economic stability, and support their families

Third Ward residents deserve a representative with experience, dedication and proven leadership skill. Experience matters, and my qualifications include:

Columbia Third Ward Councilman (6 yrs)
Columbia Planning & Zoning Commission (7 yrs)
Columbia/Boone County Environment & Energy Commission (14 yrs)
Columbia Hominy Branch Neighborhood Association (17 yrs) - Founder
Columbia Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee (11 yrs)
Columbia/Boone County Smart Growth Coalition (9 yrs)
Columbia Community Radio KOPN 89.5 FM Board of Directors and Program Host (3 yrs)
Columbia Infrastructure Task Force (2 yrs)
National League of Cities University Leadership Training Council
National League of Cities University Communities Council
National League of Cities City Futures Panel on Democratic Governance
2015 Nat’l League of Cities Diamond Level Achievement in Leadership Excellence

I look forward to visiting with each and every one of you to hear about your concerns and hopes for Columbia. If re-elected, I will continue to work hard on your behalf and on behalf of your neighborhood and our community.

Thank you for listening and please vote on April 5th!

Paid for by Skala for Council, Al Hahn, Treasurer